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The Lucia N°03 Meditation Lamp offers you a path to deep meditation without any of side effects of mind altering drugs or the years of training needed to master various relaxation techniques.

Guided by patented algorithms, the Lucia N°03 generates gentle frequencies of flickering light that dance across your closed eyelids, passing through to the retina and then on to the pineal gland; creating a one of a kind visual experience reminiscent of a kaleidoscope.

In a matter of minutes the stroboscopic light system triggers brain wave patterns that would usually only appear after years of meditation practice, guiding you through the various levels of your consciousness.

The Lucia N°03 Meditation Lamp is a gateway that will help you find your path to becoming more creative, relaxing, self-improvement and helping you deal with life changing events.

Explore our website to get all the important information about the Hypnagogic Light Experience as well as the different Lucia N°03 meditation lamps, their applications and all the safety instructions for the use of pulsating light.


Play of light associated with cinema and consciousness

Berlin Engelbert Winkler Tom Tykwer 2022 March

During his last stay in Berlin (Heliotropic Breathing workshop), Engelbert Winkler had the pleasure of meeting Tom Tykwer (film director: Run Lola Run, Perfume, Babylon Berlin etc.). Hannes Häusler, (Lucia N°03 Berlin, workshop coordination) arranged the meeting, which came about on Tom's initiative.

As it turned out, his interests included consciousness, perception, and the potential for altered states of consciousness. How fundamental Tom's understanding of these connections is became apparent when he discussed with us current neuroscientific findings on the relationship between the brain, ego and reality in the metaphors of classic light shows: when the world of our perception is based on the same principle that is in flight ball makes it seem like a whole lot that appear in different places at different times, each of us actually sits uninterrupted in the cinema of our individual light shows - as individual as every trip. The consubstantiality of light and consciousness, which was put up for discussion, also allowed for interesting associations. Tom and two of his friends obviously liked the Lucia N°03 demo sessions. They were particularly impressed by the immediacy of the effect. They were particularly impressed by the immediacy of the effect.

ANNOUNCEMENT: New film by Tom Tykwer "Das Licht" (in German language)

Tom Tykwer, German director, writer, composer and producer:

Hannes Häusler, Light Attendant in Berlin:
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Dr. Engelbert Winkler, psychotherapeut, co-developer Lucia N°03:
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