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MWC Medical Wellness Congress April 8 & 9th St. Martins SPA & Lodge Frauenkirchen near Vienna, Austria

Two days to attend a rich program of conferences, discussion panels, brand presentations, and networking opportunities, all taking place at St. Martins Spa & Lodge in near Vienna, a luxurious lodge belonging to VAMED VITALITY WORLD. 

Further Information:

Winkler Dr. Engelbert Winkler

Giselastr. 1-3 / 6300 Wörgl – Austria
Tel: +43 5332 72324 / Fax: +43 5332 71033
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  • Psychonautic - ONLINE

    You can now reach Engelbert Winkler via Zoom.Please contact him via mobile phone +43 664 1807871 to arrange a Skype appointment.If he is unavailable at the moment, send him a text message with your suggested contact date.Please clarify the conditions with him yourself.Regarding a fee - his wish is:The willingness to let at least two others share the benefits from it.(He would also like to accelerate the construction of the underground "TravelerUnlimitedPortal" in the heart of Kufstein. Therefor the following account is availabe for those who wish to donate: BIC: SPKUAT22XXX; IBAN AT022050607709375211.)current issues:
    Heliotropic Breathing

  • Lucia N°03 workshop „Access to Light“

    Theory and Practice of the Hypnagogic Light Experience
    To impart a technique for self-induction of HLE
    even without Lucia N°03
    Duration: one or two days

    Where: On site or at the various Lucia N°03 locations.Theory und Pracis of Hypnagogic Light Experience

  • Heliotropic Breathing and HLE

    Access to particularly deep meditative states of consciousness
    (only for experienced psychonauts)

  • Traveller Unlimited Road Show – Relive ancient mysteries

    Opening a psychedelic portal to limitless travel in other realities

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Find all information here www.blick-hinü

Star Festival (Pentecost) SO, 28th May 2023 in Oberschlierbach, AT

Expert talk

On May 28th we will be there again at Star Festival in Oberschlierbach in Austria.

We will be giving sessions again this year!

All information and details:

Breaking Convention Thur 20th until Sat 2nd. April 2023 in Exeter, UK

Hypnagogic Light Experience group Kufstein 20220713 203211

Thur 20th until Sat 2nd. April 2023 - Breaking Convention returns - Exeter, UK

We have been supporting the Breaking Convention since 2011 when it first took place at the University of Kent (UK).

All the details on the high-profile psychedelic conference:

We offer all participants to try the Hypnagogic Light Experience in groups free of charge.

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