Are you searching for a new way to release stress?

One that is not going to leave any side effects or leave you wondering about how you are going to get home at the end of the night or the long term side effects? Let the Lucia N°03 Meditation Lamp take you on a trip to deep relaxation.

Each session is a new experience full of colors, shapes and patterns that dance behind your closed eyelids; as a kaleidoscope of light unfolds the body begins to let go and deeply relax. The brain waves synchronize with the flickering light, creating coherence that leads to the resetting of the nervous system and lowering the baseline levels of stress opening the space for peak experiences to calm and tranquility as well as happiness and bliss.

Vice magazine described the experience as "a bit like doing drugs, but without the comedown and achy jaw".

Don’t forget to bring your favorite playlist!


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