Are you suffering from writer’s block?  Are your creative energies blocked and stuck? Whether you are a professional content provider who is constantly up against deadlines or a creative artist, musician, songwriter, or book writer who is looking for inspiration, writer’s block is frustrating and stressful.

What is writer's block?

Have you ever sat down to write something and then just stared at an empty page for hours not able to find the words or creative inspiration? This is writer’s block and we all have experienced it at some point in time and the feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming.

How to overcome writer's block and unlock the creativity inside you?

There is no one solution, but tapping into your subconscious mind can be a powerful asset that will help unleash the creative side of you and bring you a sense of calm and relaxation. However, the ability to block out the world around you and to let everything go so that you can reach a state of deep meditation is a skill that not everyone can achieve. The Lucia N°03 is a stroboscopic light system that inspires brain wave patterns that would usually only appear after years of meditation practice. A warm glow welcomes you into a safe space to let go of tension and drop you into a deep state of calm. Gentle frequencies of flickering light pass through the retina to the pineal gland creating a one of a kind visual experience. Lush landscapes comprised of vibrant color and geometry float by as you are guided into an enchanting expedition through the senses unlocking your path to creativity.

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