General Safety Instructions

As soon as you put your Lucia N°03 meditation lamp into operation, please always observe the safety regulations and general information in the latest operating instructions. Read them carefully. In this way you avoid errors that could lead to a (functional) fault. Note the exclusion reasons, which are listed below.

Intended use

The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 serves to induce a Hypnagogic Light Experience. This is a state of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness. The light impulses can quickly bring you into an altered state of consciousness, similar to e.g. when meditating. Meditation is not therapy, it is a state of mind. Such states of consciousness have always been used by people to immerse themselves in their inner self, to experience relaxation, to perceive unexpected beauty or to activate the power of self-healing.

The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 is not a verified medical advice. Therefor the meditation lamp Lucia N°03 is not to use for: diagnosis, treatment, relief or preventive for an illness; disorder or abnormal physical condition or either one of these symptoms by humans or animals; for recovery, changing or shifting the body structure or the functionality of body parts by humans or animals.

Who can use this meditation lamp?

• Individuals that have reached 18 years of age.
• Individuals that are not excluded. Please note therefor „reasons for exclusions“ below.
• Individuals who have a good common physical and mental condition.

Reasons for Exclusion

The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 may not be used if the following reasons for exclusion exist:
Individuals under 18 years of age
Please make sure, that a person under the age of 18 does not use this device. Reason: The brain of miners and juveniles are in different stages of development. In some stages of development the brain is in greater readiness to release an epileptic seizure.
Pregnant women
Pregnant women are excluded from the usage, because there is no statement how this would affect an unborn child.
Individuals with stroboscope incompatibility
Please make sure that if you or another person suffers from stroboscope incompatibility, or tend to have epilepsy, they do not use this device. The single sessions (light sequences) is
programmed, that an intense flickering light is caused, which can result to an epileptic seizure.
Persons with mental illness
Make sure that the application is not used by people with mental illnesses such as psychoses, anxiety disorders or similar. The use of the Lucia N°03 meditation lamp could have a negative effect on the disease and result in uncontrollable reactions. Clarify the use of the device with the doctor you trust before use.
Consumption of alcohol, drugs and medication
Being in a state of consciousness based on consuming alcohol or drugs, do not use this device. The impact could be reinforced and could lead to uncontrolled reaction. If you take
medication, please consult your doctor bevor using this device.
Sleep deprivation
If you suffer from sleep deprivation, you are in a different stage of consciousness than usual. Do not use this device in that case.

Only use this device, if you are in a good physical and mental condition. If you let a third party use this device, then make sure she /he is using it by her/ his own choice. Never force the usage on anybody. Give the user all necessary information for possible risks. Make sure, the person has no reasons of exclusions. Make the person sign a waiver before starting the session.

First time epileptic seizure

If you never had experienced an epileptic seizure, it could be a first time experience unexpectedly. The possibility of a sudden seizure is very rare, but cannot be ruled out. Basically an epileptic seizure can happen daily under different circumstances. Consult your doctor about further information. The usage of the flicker light increases the risk of a first time epileptic seizure.


In rare cases there is a possibility, that in deep state of trance caused of pulsed light, unexpected convulsions can be induced. Convulsions are cramps, shown as shaking and twitchy movements particularly of the limbs or the whole body. Cramps can be slight or severe. It could be that a person in this stage is not responsive.


In rare cases there is a possibility for flashbacks especially in connection with pulsed light in deep state of trance. Get further information from you doctor. A flashback is a psychological phenomenon. This is a matter of re-experiencing and flashback caused by a key stimulus. The affected person has then a sudden and powerful re-experience of a past experience or a former emotional condition.

Emergency Procedure

What can a companion do, if a person that is on a light journey (= the person who is using the device) has an emergency (like an epileptic seizure etc.)?

• Disconnect the device immediately (see above – safety features).
• If the person being on the light journey has a cramp – protect her / him from self-inflicted injuries: remove any objects that can cause them.
• Support the convulsing person, so she / he cannot fall from a chair.
• We advise stable side position, in case there is a sign of foam at the mouth so the person does not choke.
• Call help – keep the emergency numbers ready at hand and know how to operate the local phone.

Generally we advise to have first-aid training.

Report incidents

If you or any other person has an incident, you are obligated to send a message to the manufacturer as soon as possible: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A form is provided in the download section.

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