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The Lucia N°03 Meditation Lamp offers you a path to deep meditation without any of side effects of mind altering drugs or the years of training needed to master various relaxation techniques.

Guided by patented algorithms, the Lucia N°03 generates gentle frequencies of flickering light that dance across your closed eyelids, passing through to the retina and then on to the pineal gland; creating a one of a kind visual experience reminiscent of a kaleidoscope.

In a matter of minutes the stroboscopic light system triggers brain wave patterns that would usually only appear after years of meditation practice, guiding you through the various levels of your consciousness.

The Lucia N°03 Meditation Lamp is a gateway that will help you find your path to becoming more creative, relaxing, self-improvement and helping you deal with life changing events.

Explore our website to get all the important information about the Hypnagogic Light Experience as well as the different Lucia N°03 meditation lamps, their applications and all the safety instructions for the use of pulsating light.


How can altered states of consciousness influence healthy life?

Altered is an international gathering of consciousness explorers from all backgrounds to take part in talks, workshops and rituals on the subject of psychedelics, conscious practices, and social issues facilitated by leading experts and researchers.

Theme 2017:
Altered States, Crisis And Opportunity

…  What new perspectives can altered states of consciousness reveal? How can those perspectives reflect back on ourselves or the “real” world? How can we use altered states to see opportunity where once we saw only crisis? How can we integrate those perspectives into our lives and our communities?

Contribution by Lucia N°03:
Most participants convinced themselves how quickly one can get into altered states of consciousness. It only takes a few minutes with the meditation lamp Lucia N°03. Legal, safe and stop at any time. - Engelbert Winkler participated in the scientific discourses while Sigrid Pearce accompanied the subjects in the Hypnagogic Light Experience.

Lecturers were among others:
David Luke, James Fadiman, Zach Leary, Zoe Mercury, Lisa Wessing, Rosalind Stone ….

all lecturers - program Friday Nov 3 2017

all lecturers - program Sat Nov 4 2017

news about altered conference

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