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The Lucia N°03 Meditation Lamp offers you a path to deep meditation without any of side effects of mind altering drugs or the years of training needed to master various relaxation techniques.

Guided by patented algorithms, the Lucia N°03 generates gentle frequencies of flickering light that dance across your closed eyelids, passing through to the retina and then on to the pineal gland; creating a one of a kind visual experience reminiscent of a kaleidoscope.

In a matter of minutes the stroboscopic light system triggers brain wave patterns that would usually only appear after years of meditation practice, guiding you through the various levels of your consciousness.

The Lucia N°03 Meditation Lamp is a gateway that will help you find your path to becoming more creative, relaxing, self-improvement and helping you deal with life changing events.

Explore our website to get all the important information about the Hypnagogic Light Experience as well as the different Lucia N°03 meditation lamps, their applications and all the safety instructions for the use of pulsating light.


HLE for children

(by Carola Zimmer)

Attention: Lucia N°03 MUST NOT be used on children!
HLE = Hypnagogic Lightexperience

Children are naturally accompanied by fears throughout their development. It is essential for parents not to feel helpless in these situations. Walk along with your child and overcome these feelings of anxiety together by providing the support and safety he/she needs. Encourage your child to confront these fears, since they are a vital part of life. You must not run away, but rather face them with confidence. This way you will develop trust in yourself while strengthening your self-esteem.

Children are generally very creative and find their own ways to cope with fears, but it can be helpful to inspire them along their journey. My stories, “Ka’s Adventure Tales for Brave Children” is a possible resource of support, wherein I address different development-connected fears in a suitable way for children. With help from the stories, a simple light source (flashlight), breathing, and a magic spell, you can present a coping strategy to your child that can easily be recalled in critical situations. The benefits of reading out loud to our children should not be forgotten, especially when they are constantly surrounded by technology. This bonding experience leaves a positive impact on your child, especially after an exciting or exhausting day.

The Ka stories are currently under revision by Carola Zimmer.
You are welcome to contact her for further information and questions:
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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