Videos contain footage of an extremely rapid flashing light, and should not be viewed by people who have epilepsy.


Lucia N°03 Academy - Enjoy your Controller and Light Streaming
light attendance gmbh, 2022
The Lucia N°03 Controller is ideal for creating individual sessions in the here & now, simply and intuitively. This is possible with both the Lucia N°03 Practitioner System and the Lucia N°03 Home Portal. - We show different ways to use the Lucia N°03 Controller and even combine it with the unique "Light Streaming" feature for synchronous group experiences.

The stillness you deserve
AJ Paolella, USA 2016
01:01 min
Quote: "... First journey for new client; cracking open the heart chakra, ... "

The Lucid Light Experience - London Cambridge Essex
Tranquil Retreats , UK 2016
01:00 min

Quote: "... A truly unique experience facilitated by the Lucid Light machine's patented software. ..."

Lucia N°03 the original with patent and inventor awards.


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