Neuropsycholytic & Heliotropic Breathwork with Lucia N°03.

TravellerUnlimited - MIND – European Foundation for Psychedelic Science invites you to:
NEUROPSYCHOLYTIC WORKSHOP with Lucia N°03 and Heliotropic Breathwork. (text byTravellerUnlimited).

Diving into a meditative experience by encounter the combination of Lucia N°03 and Heliotropic Breathwork. The combination of Light and Breathwork deepens your experience. You will learn how to use the stimulation with light and Heliotropic Breathwork for Meditation and inner journeys. The Workshop will aid in your process, whether you want to enjoy the beauty like a psychedelic experience or meditate to reduce the chaos of everyday life.
The two inventors of Lucia N°03 Dr. Engelbert Winkler and Dr. Dirk Proeckl alongside a psychologist from Berlin will guide through the Workshop.

Plan of procedures:
The Hypnagogic Light Experience and Heliotropic Breathing will first be trained separately and later be combined for a deepened inner journey.

Condition for Participation:
Participants shall either already have experience with altered consciousness or are interested in. For pregnant women as well as people with epilepsy we recommend not to participate at this Workshop.

Lucia N°03: A Light Device, which induces a meditative experience by using specific light frequencies. With closed eyes colours, structures and dream-like pictures appear and lead into a meditative state.
Heliotropic Breathwork: The technique was developed by using the light in Dr. Engelbert Winklers practice. Combining the Breathwork with with Lucia N°03 deepens the meditative experience.

Try Lucia N°03: June 21-24, 2018.

MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science, Berlin, took part in the conference and offers the opportunity to test Lucia N°03 in Berlin regularly. - Furthermore, a research project was presented in which the meditation lamp Lucia N°03 is used.
Once the study is published we offer a link.

More about "Beyond Psychedelics"

More about MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science, Berlin

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Pablo Picasso, Jacqueline de la Baume Dürrbach and 33 contemporary artworks for peace.

Photo: „Pablo Picasso and Jacqueline de la Baume Dürrbach, cardboard Guernica, Gouache on paper, 1955, 710 x 350 cm © Dürrbach Estate“ (offered by Froner & Partner GmbH, Innsbruck, organizer)
Text (slightly changed) by Froner & Partner GmbH:

A sensational exhibition project was realized in the museum rooms of the Hofburg Innsbruck from 21.09. until 02.11.2018:

The original template (on cardboard) for the famous tapestry of the motif "Guernica" by Pablo Picasso (exhibited in the foyer of the United Nations) came to Austria for the first time.

In the spirit of NeuroArt, Lucia N°03 offered visitors an experimental journey of peace as the end of the exhibition experience.

After almost 15 years of research by Italian curator Serena Baccaglini, the gouache on cardboard, owned by the heirs of weaver Jacqueline de La Baume Dürrbach, was accessible to the public.

The imposing and visually stunning work in the original dimensions 3.50 x 7.10 m was created in 1955 by Pablo Picasso together with Dürrbach in Paris. The power of this work as an anti-war symbol is unique in human history. Pablo Picasso has thus created a motif for eternity.

Under the theme "Thoughts on Guernica", around 33 well-known contemporary artists from Austria and the Euregio area discussed the theme of peace for this exhibition. Their works - also Lucia N°03 NeuroArt - formed the important second part of this exhibition, as they act as bridge builders in the 21st century, ie in the present and can be understood as a strong collective appeal for peace.

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2018 in Innsbruck-Aldrans -  new & unique:

Psychonautics* with Yoga & Light expands the consciousness.

*Psychonautics is the exploration of one‘s own psyche and the unconscious, usually with the help of mind-expanding techniques such as Yoga, meditation etc. or psychedelic substances.
Instead of psychedelics we use light.

Over the breath, we first dive into the here and now, we arrive.

Then we practice carefully selected asanas, strengthen ourselves through relaxation and adapted nutrition. The important process of opening the nadis (energy points) begins. At the same time, we gently open our body, mind and soul to experience new dimensions.

Then you dive into a fascinating topic with the help of specially developed questions. After all, a process of comprehensive cleaning begins deep into your cells - on physical, mental and emotional level.

To conclude, enjoy the hypnagogic light experience (meditation lamp Lucia N°03):

Whether it is about enjoying the beauty of your experiences / processes, optimizing your own wellbeing or traveling in the sense of a meditative self-submergence to the source of consciousness in the eternal NOW, the intention remains with you as a psychonaut.

Take your day to rediscover yourself in the spirit of a unique self-experience.

Dates 2018
Start on: Sat. April 28th 2018 – 10:00 to 17:00 o´clock

next on Sat. July 7th – 10:00 to 17:00 o´clock

6071 Aldrans (Innsbruck, Austria), at U7 Unternehmenszentrum,

We provide you tea and delicious vegan lunch soup, fruits, nuts. Mats, blankets, pillows etc. are on site.
Please come in comfortable clothes. If you want, bring your own items.

Info & Registration
Contact: Katrin König, Tel.: +43 650 501 21 25
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bird bonus until Fri June 15th 2018: only € 105,00.
Price normal: € 125,00
incl. tax

If you have no experience with the meditation lamp Lucia N°03, please make an appointment for a free trial in advance.

This workshop is for self-awareness and does not replace any medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.
Each participant takes part voluntarily, consciously and on her/his own responsibility in the workshop.
Confidentiality is self-evident.


NEW Concept "Neuro-Psycolytic Light Experience".

NEW - for the first time Dr. Dirk Proeckl and Dr. Engelbert Winkler presented the concept "Neuro-Psycolytic Light Experience" at the festival "science + fiction" in Basel on May 6, 2018. During the panel discussion, Engelbert Winkler emphasized the light travel with Lucia N°03 as a safe alternative to hallucinogen substances. However, one can not estimate the effect of the substances in advance. At the workshop "Heliotropic Breathing", on the other hand, the interplay of light and breathing technique was fascinating the participians.

The Festival
science+fiction is the festival with the issue "on rush" for 2018 in Basel (Suisse).

What happens in the brain when drinking alcohol, taking a party drug or experiencing an adrenaline rush?

What drives people around the world to get intoxicated - and what was the intoxication culture in antiquity?

Lucia N°03 is with presentations by the two developers and patentee Dr. Dirk Proeckl and Dr. Engelbert Winkler in Basel.


Lucia N°03 contributes to the festival:

Speech Sun 6. Mai  2018 / 12:00 - 12:30 h - Dr. Dirk Proeckl

Panel diskussion - Sun 6. Mai  2018 / 14:30 - 16:00 h - Dr. Engelbert Winkler
other participants are:
Dr. med. Juraj Styk (Psychiatrie und psycholytische Psychotherapie)

Dr. Manfred Fankhauser (Bahnhof Apotheke Langnau, Vertrieb von Haschisch als Medikament)
Hans-Peter Waldrich (Verfasser der Publikation "Gehirnwäsche oder Heilverfahren?").

Workshop - Sun 6. Mai  2018 / 16:00 - 19:30 h - Heliotropic Breathing with Lucia N°03

Self-experience Lucia N°03 - possible during the festival

Only self-awareness can bring understanding to Lucia N°03.

At the festival, we accompany curious people who want to reach immediately an altered state of consciousness. Through the patented and internationally awarded meditation lamp Lucia N°03, this succeeds immediately, legally, without psychedelics.

Thereby lingering in the carelessness and beauty of an eternal NOW is the essence and aim of the hypnagogic light experience, which becomes the archetypical art experience.

In the unity of experience and creation, viewers become artists of their own, in constant flux art.

Heliotropic Breathing with Elfriede Neustädter & Engelbert Winkler

German & English speaking
mit Elfriede Neustädter (Nathal-Expertin) & Dr. Engelbert Winkler
Details & Anmeldung Deutsche Seite

Sat 27.01.2018 Vienna

The workshop Heliotropic Breathing and the Hypnagogic Light Expience with Lucia N°03
for experienced psychonauts conveys significant topics for the practical application of the heliotropic breathing and offers an intense self-awareness through the merger of breathing (technique) and light (Lucia N°03).

The special technique of heliotropic breathing was developed by Dr. Engelbert Winkler. You enter a self-controlled portal which leads into
your own deep, underlying structures.

If only to enjoy the beauty of a psychedelic experience, to optimize your wellbeing, or to travel in the sense of a mediative scuttling to the source of consciousness into the eternal now, the intention rests within the psychonaut him or herself.

People report indescribable beautiful experiences: “... you have to try it for yourself.” The rare opportunity presents itself to personally reflect on the experiences with the creator Engelbert Winkler.

Use this opportunity  -  first come - first serve!

I register for a fee of € 150,00 binding for the workshop
„Heliotropic breathing“ on Saturday, 27th January 2018,
10 to 14 o'clock at Nymphengasse 6/1, 1120 Vienna.
Payment by bank transfer in advance.
binding registration

Lucia N°03 in Cuba April 05. - 08. 2018.

Brigitta Frey and Augustin Morales based in Havanna took part in the 8th Conference of OM Meditation Associaton for the first time. They introduce the international audience to the meditation lamp Lucia N°03. Both Brigitta and Augustin are distributors for Latin America and well experienced and trained.

Participants took the chance to discuss about all aspects of the Lucia N°03 meditation lamp with Sigrid Pearce during the conference. She is Managing Director of the company “light attendance gmbh”, Innsbruck / Austria, where Lucia N°03 was developed and is produced.

more about Brigitta and Augustin - Emotion & Brain

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The areas to converge and share knowledge are:
• Science and Meditation
• Meditation and Creation
• Meditation Practices: Life's Experiences


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