I´m high on light, baby - without drugs?

"Like a drug trip or near death. Near-death experience via a stroboscope. ..." Markus Becker reports on Lucia N°03 and the application of the hypnagogic light experience by Prof. Ralph Buchner at the University of Applied Technologies in Munich. He discusses modern technology versus old knowledge about flickering light with experts. And he finds out what the new flickering lamp from Austria can do.
Info: "Der Spiegel" is one of the most well known German-language magazines for decades.

German report:
Bericht Spiegel online 27.07.2013

Photo 05 Dec 2017:  https://pixabay.com/de/illustrations/stern-spirale-hintergrund-leuchten-668341/

Students in artificial intoxination of LSD in Munich

Munich design students in artistic LSD intoxication ...
... so begins a report on the Internet portal of the prestigious “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (daily paper in South of Germany). "Jetzt.de" reports on the use of Lucia N°03 at the University of Applied Arts in Munich. 08/01/2013

Dean and Professor Ralph Buchner happened to see the meditation lamp in 2012 at a cultural festival. For two semesters, his students were able to experiment with it and let their creativity run wild through "psychedelic" light travels.
Quote from the report:
"Experiences with the light, which can allegedly cause LSD-like states, have been processed in free projects and design projects."

Report available in German

Looks like a desinger´s lamp but brings plenty of happyness ...

"It looks like a fancy designer lamp, actually it is a lamp, but its light does not illuminate any space, it is supposed to send the brain on a colorful trip and light up the path to the subconscious - a kind of drug trip with only light?" Quote from the site of ProSieben, report from 12.04.2013, television broadcast "Galileo". - A report on how the meditation lamp was made, why Munich design students work with it. One sees how the choreography of the lights unfolds. Subjects tell very enthusiastically about their light travels.

Info: ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbH is a German broadcasting company well known in Europe.

German broadcast "Galileo" about Lucia N°03

Photo 2013: Erik Kuykendal, Light Attendant USA, https://www.lucid-light.com/

Imaginarium goes to China first time - 2013

The art installation "Imaginarium" was specially made for the art fair in Beijing "Art Beijing" . What's special is that four people can enjoy the experience of light on a round red carpet at the same time. The Imaginarium is now available for events, you are welcome to rent it: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Here you find an exclusive report in the Tyrolean magazine "Die Tirolerin" from June 2013.

Report in available German language
Bericht in Tirolerin Juni 2013 - Fische am Himmel - Art Beijing Lucia N°03

More photos
Art Beijing 2013 Lucia N°03 exhibition

Link to Art Beijing Fair 

Photo on this site, 2013: Kurt Härting, www.headrooms.net

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