Lucia N°03 in Cuba April 05. - 08. 2018.

Brigitta Frey and Augustin Morales based in Havanna took part in the 8th Conference of OM Meditation Associaton for the first time. They introduce the international audience to the meditation lamp Lucia N°03. Both Brigitta and Augustin are distributors for Latin America and well experienced and trained.

Participants took the chance to discuss about all aspects of the Lucia N°03 meditation lamp with Sigrid Pearce during the conference. She is Managing Director of the company “light attendance gmbh”, Innsbruck / Austria, where Lucia N°03 was developed and is produced.

more about Brigitta and Augustin - Emotion & Brain

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The areas to converge and share knowledge are:
• Science and Meditation
• Meditation and Creation
• Meditation Practices: Life's Experiences


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