with Light Attendants coming from everywhere     

Martin Duschek - relaunche of software 3.1 Lucia N°03 and comfortable tool for making sessions

America, Canada, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria ... the Light Attendants came from all over the world to exchange their experiences with Lucia N°03 on an international level for the first time.

The event was crowned by the relaunche of the Lucia N°03 software 3.1.
From now on the comfortable tool for creating sessions is available for all.

Some of the Light Attendants visited the manufacturer´s place in Tyrol. Lucia N°03 is a high quality product carefully hand made in Kufstein, Austria.

Program Lucia N°03 Congress Vienna 2015

Photos Lucia N°03 Congress Vienna Sep 2015

Photos Lucia N°03
Tyrol Factory Sep 2015

Video Lucia N°03 Congress Vienna Sep 2015

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