New session Prometheus at winter solstice 22.12.2011 in Stonehenge UK.

Exactly at the time of the winter solstice at 5.30 local time Dr. Dirk Proeckl presented near Stonehenge (Wilthsire, England) the new PROMETHEUS session, composed by Dr. Engelbert Winkler.

This session follows the Lucia N°03 algorithm and was made with special regard to the winter solstice on 22.12.2011.

The intention was to induce a psychedelic experience, as it was achieved in the olden days by a combination of trance drums. PROMETHEUS was sent to all Light Attendants for Christmas, where everybody can experience it him/herself.

List of Light Attendants

Gold for Lucia N°03.

At the largest German-speaking inventor fair Lucia N°03 won the gold medal in autumn 2011. The second to Kuwait.

The Lucia N°03 team was able to inspire more than 230 trade fair visitors with short light sessions. The "thing with the light" had got around quickly at the IENA.
Even on the days when only trade visitors were admitted, there was a constant crowd in front of the black tent.

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