Gold Medal intern. invention fair Kuwait 2010

Goldmedal for Lucia N°03!


Margit Winkler-Raith and Dr. med. med. Dipl.-Psych. Dirk Proeckl, doctor of neurology, psychologist at the handover of the gold medal in Kuwait.

The Austrian invention "Meditation Lamp Lucia N°03" was presented at the 3rd International Invention Fair of the Middle East (IIFME) and awarded the gold medal.

The IIFME is considered the most important fair for innovations and inventions in the Arab world.

Margit Winkler-Raith and Dirk Proeckl were officially invited to the fair in April 2010 by the President of the IIFME during the inventors' fair in Geneva.The judging at the IIFME was carried out by three independent commissions from representatives of science, medicine and industry from different countries. For the gold medal a high point key must be achieved. The presentation of Lucia N°03 caused a sensation in Kuwait.
Out of around 700 applicants from all over the world, only 150 are actually admitted to the IIFME by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Science.


12.04.2010 - Lucia in Tibet.

Carola and Dirk Proeckl and Engelbert Winkler traveled to Tibet in April 2010 to examine the effect of Lucia N°03 on people with great spiritual and meditative experience. The group was led by the well-known international researcher em. Univ. Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson.

In Lhasa, a meeting was arranged with Buchung Changlochen, who agreed to test Lucia N°03. Buchung is a grandson of the former Tibetan Foreign Minister, a longtime disciple of Lamrim Renpoche, and descended from the family of the 11th Dalai Lama, s.Hl. Khedrub Gyatsho. Likewise, Lucia N°03 was thoroughly tested by Mr. Lhada, who has great experience in Tibetan trauma yoga, and by Prof. Haraldsson.

All three were very impressed by Lucia N°03, especially the intense color perception that came with seeing a mandala with eyes closed. Mandalas are a particularly important component of meditation, especially in Tibetan Buddhism. Buchung Changlochen discovered after the Lucia N°03 session that the meditation lamp easily enabled him to focus his mind inward and to hide everyday content. He also had the impression of leaving his body with the colors together. Similar things were reported by Lhada, who after only a few minutes under the influence of Lucia N°03 fell into a particularly deep trance.

After the successful experiments in Lhasa, the Lucia N°03 team spent a few more days researching the importance of the pineal gland in Tibetan Buddhism and the much older shamanistic Bön tradition. Among other things, in the palace of the Dalai Lama there exist calcified natural substances - presumably pineal glands from elephant brains - which are especially revered as relics.

This can be seen as an indication of the importance of this brain region as a central instance of spiritual experience. In the Bön tradition, the experience of enlightenment as a non-dual source of consciousness corresponds to the experience of a sphere of multicolored light.

"The impressions of our subjects and the ancient Tibetan knowledge support our thesis that the effect of Lucia N°03 can be seen in direct comparison to spiritual experiences. The hypnagogic experience of light corresponds to experiences in deep meditation, "says Engelbert Winkler.

Report and fotos by Carola Proeckl, 2010

Monchs come into state of meditation surprisingly quickly

In April 2010, members of the Lucia team, Carola and Dirk Proeckl together with Engelbert Winkler, travelled to Tibet in order to test the effect of Lucia N°03 on people with a great deal of spiritual and meditative experience. The group was led by the well-known international researcher em. Univ. Prof. Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson.

Report available in English and German:

Report Lucia N°03 in Tibet with monchs 2010

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