Neuropsycholytic & Heliotropic Breathwork with Lucia N°03.

TravellerUnlimited - MIND – European Foundation for Psychedelic Science invites you to:
NEUROPSYCHOLYTIC WORKSHOP with Lucia N°03 and Heliotropic Breathwork. (text byTravellerUnlimited).

Diving into a meditative experience by encounter the combination of Lucia N°03 and Heliotropic Breathwork. The combination of Light and Breathwork deepens your experience. You will learn how to use the stimulation with light and Heliotropic Breathwork for Meditation and inner journeys. The Workshop will aid in your process, whether you want to enjoy the beauty like a psychedelic experience or meditate to reduce the chaos of everyday life.
The two inventors of Lucia N°03 Dr. Engelbert Winkler and Dr. Dirk Proeckl alongside a psychologist from Berlin will guide through the Workshop.

Plan of procedures:
The Hypnagogic Light Experience and Heliotropic Breathing will first be trained separately and later be combined for a deepened inner journey.

Condition for Participation:
Participants shall either already have experience with altered consciousness or are interested in. For pregnant women as well as people with epilepsy we recommend not to participate at this Workshop.

Lucia N°03: A Light Device, which induces a meditative experience by using specific light frequencies. With closed eyes colours, structures and dream-like pictures appear and lead into a meditative state.
Heliotropic Breathwork: The technique was developed by using the light in Dr. Engelbert Winklers practice. Combining the Breathwork with with Lucia N°03 deepens the meditative experience.

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