2018 in Innsbruck-Aldrans -  new & unique:

Psychonautics* with Yoga & Light expands the consciousness.

*Psychonautics is the exploration of one‘s own psyche and the unconscious, usually with the help of mind-expanding techniques such as Yoga, meditation etc. or psychedelic substances.
Instead of psychedelics we use light.

Over the breath, we first dive into the here and now, we arrive.

Then we practice carefully selected asanas, strengthen ourselves through relaxation and adapted nutrition. The important process of opening the nadis (energy points) begins. At the same time, we gently open our body, mind and soul to experience new dimensions.

Then you dive into a fascinating topic with the help of specially developed questions. After all, a process of comprehensive cleaning begins deep into your cells - on physical, mental and emotional level.

To conclude, enjoy the hypnagogic light experience (meditation lamp Lucia N°03):

Whether it is about enjoying the beauty of your experiences / processes, optimizing your own wellbeing or traveling in the sense of a meditative self-submergence to the source of consciousness in the eternal NOW, the intention remains with you as a psychonaut.

Take your day to rediscover yourself in the spirit of a unique self-experience.

Dates 2018
Start on: Sat. April 28th 2018 – 10:00 to 17:00 o´clock

next on Sat. July 7th – 10:00 to 17:00 o´clock

6071 Aldrans (Innsbruck, Austria), at U7 Unternehmenszentrum,

We provide you tea and delicious vegan lunch soup, fruits, nuts. Mats, blankets, pillows etc. are on site.
Please come in comfortable clothes. If you want, bring your own items.

Info & Registration
Contact: Katrin König, Tel.: +43 650 501 21 25
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

bird bonus until Fri June 15th 2018: only € 105,00.
Price normal: € 125,00
incl. tax

If you have no experience with the meditation lamp Lucia N°03, please make an appointment for a free trial in advance.

This workshop is for self-awareness and does not replace any medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.
Each participant takes part voluntarily, consciously and on her/his own responsibility in the workshop.
Confidentiality is self-evident.


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