Heliotropic Breathing with Elfriede Neustädter & Engelbert Winkler

German & English speaking
mit Elfriede Neustädter (Nathal-Expertin) & Dr. Engelbert Winkler
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Sat 27.01.2018 Vienna

The workshop Heliotropic Breathing and the Hypnagogic Light Expience with Lucia N°03
for experienced psychonauts conveys significant topics for the practical application of the heliotropic breathing and offers an intense self-awareness through the merger of breathing (technique) and light (Lucia N°03).

The special technique of heliotropic breathing was developed by Dr. Engelbert Winkler. You enter a self-controlled portal which leads into
your own deep, underlying structures.

If only to enjoy the beauty of a psychedelic experience, to optimize your wellbeing, or to travel in the sense of a mediative scuttling to the source of consciousness into the eternal now, the intention rests within the psychonaut him or herself.

People report indescribable beautiful experiences: “... you have to try it for yourself.” The rare opportunity presents itself to personally reflect on the experiences with the creator Engelbert Winkler.

Use this opportunity  -  first come - first serve!

I register for a fee of € 150,00 binding for the workshop
„Heliotropic breathing“ on Saturday, 27th January 2018,
10 to 14 o'clock at Nymphengasse 6/1, 1120 Vienna.
Payment by bank transfer in advance.
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