"HumanMachine - Fascination & Aversion"

was the motto of the Seekult Festival of the Zeppelin University in the Kulturhaus Caserne in Friedrichshafen, Bodensee, 24./25. October 2014.

Lucia N°03 presented the Meditatonslampe in the sense of NeuroArt, a new art direction that Dr. Engelbert Winkler (co-developer, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist) explains as follows:

He sees in the light experience with Lucia N°03 an evolutionary step in the development of art. For millennia, an artist created a work of art. As a result, an audience was needed to look at it. The act of creating and the act of consuming were so far separated.

Only the modern technology (for example with the meditation lamp Lucia N°03) made the next logical step possible: the fusion of artist and viewer.

The brain of the observer creates his/her own work of art by sitting in front of the Lucia N°03 with closed eyes and perceiving colors, shapes or other visuals. So you're an artist right in the moment of viewing. Thus, the act of creating and the act of consuming merge. We call it NeuroArt.

Other participants were, for example:
John Neumeier - Federal Youth Ballet,
Camerata Bodensee - a classical ensemble founded in 2013,
Paintings by Benjamin Burkard and Lucas Boelter, ... An Laphan, Ilana Lewitan,
Sound artist Kaspar Föhres - "Audio Ergo Video",
Highschool St. Elisabeth - Black Light Theater,
Short Films - "Circuit" by Robert Gwisdek, or "Speed" by Florian Opitz

Photo: light attendance gmbh

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