Looks like a desinger´s lamp but brings plenty of happyness ...

"It looks like a fancy designer lamp, actually it is a lamp, but its light does not illuminate any space, it is supposed to send the brain on a colorful trip and light up the path to the subconscious - a kind of drug trip with only light?" Quote from the site of ProSieben, report from 12.04.2013, television broadcast "Galileo". - A report on how the meditation lamp was made, why Munich design students work with it. One sees how the choreography of the lights unfolds. Subjects tell very enthusiastically about their light travels.

Info: ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbH is a German broadcasting company well known in Europe.

German broadcast "Galileo" about Lucia N°03

Photo 2013: Erik Kuykendal, Light Attendant USA, https://www.lucid-light.com/

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