Lucia N°03 - Controller

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The meditation lamps Lcuia N°03 Practitioner System and Home Portal can now be controlled with the Lucia N°03 Controller to create a very individual light experience.

Controllable items

Brightness control for all 9 lights
Brightness control halogen
Frequency LEDs
on/ off LEDs or halogen optional
on/ off all light sources = pause
four configurations (basic settings) for a varied individual Hypnagogic Ligth Experience

Record a Session

You can record individual sessions only with the Lucia N°03 Practitioner System.
But these sessions can be transferred to a Lucia N°03 Home Portal.

Scale of delivery

• Lucia N°03 Controller
• USB stick for connection to a Lucia N°03 meditation lamp
• USB cable for charging

Up from März 2020

All new Lucia N°03 meditation lamps are equipped with the Lucia N°03 Controller.

Retrofitting possible

If you already have a Lucia N°03 meditation lamp, you can retrofit both the Lucia N°03 Practitioner System and the Lucia N°03 Home Portal.
Prerequisite for the Lucia N°03 Practitioner System: Laptop must be Linux based. If you are not sure which software your laptop has, please ask your distributor.

ex works Innsbruck - Austria: € 190,00 plus 20% Austrian tax plus shipment plus customs (optional).

Prices non-European states
Please contact our distributors or the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The prices may differ due to transport costs, customs duties, import duties, currency fluctuations or similar. 

Delivery without Austrian tax
For export outside the EU (European Union) or with a valid VAT within the EU, delivery will be made without Austrian tax.

IMG 46561Controller Lucia N°03Controller Lucia N°03

Buy a Lucia N°03 Controller
Please contact your distributor.

Altered states of consciousness can cause flashbacks in rare cases. 
The usage of Lucia N°03 lies at your liability.
This system should not be used if you are under 18 years, pregnant, or suffer from strobe intolerance – i.e. due to a psychological condition (psychosis, anxiety disorder, etc.) or medical conditions with tendencies to epileptic incidences.


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