Altered States of consciousness with Lucia N°03

In the hometown of Lucia N°03, both locals and strangers were amazed by the innovative power of small companies.
They were particularly impressed by the four medals from inventors' fairs and the patent application for the meditation lamp.

But they were even more surprised by the experience during the first light journey with Lucia N°03. "Wondrous beautiful, never seen before, infinitely colorful colors, symmetrical circular figures, ..." this was typical feedback.

Dr. Dirk Proeckl has been living in Kufstein for decades. Engelbert Winkler, born and raised here. The two developers not only introduced visitors to the Hypnagogen Light Experience, who were interested in alternative methods. They also informed in a workshop about the history of development and experiences worldwide. And just how a near-death experience of Engelbert Winkler led to the development of such a magic lamp. And what happened about the idea of ​​Dirk Proeckl when he gave the lamp a flickering light.

14 and 15 March 2015, AUSTRIA - Tyrol - Kufstein Congress of alternative methods
News Alternative Methoden Kongress (now: "DasLebensmittel")

Photo: light attendance gmbh

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