Light doesn´t know any borders.

Lucia N°03 on top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Dr. Engelbert Winkler and his daughter Julia on the highest top of Africa, 5895m, Nov 19th 2014.

Congratulation to Julia and Engelbert!

Meanwhile, his book "The Pursuit of Being: The sunlight game" has appeared.
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The intensity of an experience defines its effect. Sometimes an experience is so profoundly fundamental that it changes everything. This book is about such an experience and about a simple way of inducing it by using light-supported breathing techniques.

The development of heliotropic breathing is the result of an experiment that I conducted on myself at Mount Kilimanjaro in November 2014. The contents described herein are meant exclusively as examples of the transcendental aspect of a psychedelic state of consciousness, as it can be induced in various ways and by using different methods. Since it is impossible, and generally not desirable, to deduce from a personal experience something valid for others, the only objective of these lines is to encourage the reader to make his/her own experiences and to draw his/her attention to a suitable tool for this process – a tool that we already have at our disposal.

For the evolution of consciousness it seems of great importance that humans “journey into their consciousness”. Because whenever they have done so, it has furthered them personally and collectively. And anything that furthers us in any way can’t be a bad thing overall, especially nowadays, even if, at first, it frightens us: like everything that is new and big.

Engelbert Winkler, Kufstein, on April 21, 2016
(Translation Heike Müller-Rosarius, 2017)

Photo: Dr. Engelbert Winkler

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