the first of its kind since 09.09.2009 unchallenged with patent and awards for innovation

What is Lucia N°03?
Lucia N°03 is a meditation lamp.

Why to use a Lucia N°03 meditation lamp?

People use it to reach an altered state of consciousness quickly like in meditation and for relaxing and wellbeing.

Lucia N°03 offers many advantages:

Patent and awards 
  • Only Lucia N°03 has an international patent.
  • Only Lucia N°03 has been awarded with 4 medals for innovation:
    international inventions fairs in Geneva (bronze), Kuwait (gold), Nuremberg (gold), innovation certificate of the state of Portugal

  • Only Lucia N°03 combines constant and flickering light. Exactly this makes the sessions so unique.
  • Lucia N°03 is the leader in this technology, similar devices are very likely copies.

 Lucia N°03 the Original
  • The first five units were finished on 09.09.2009, hand made in Kufstein (Austria, Europe).
  • Professional trainings, ongoing information on the state of the sciences or practical experiences are constantly communicated to all Light Attendants.
  • Certificate for each Light Attendant.

Safety aspects 
  • Lucia N°03 has a weight of 20 kg. This makes the operation of the lamp safe, because the stand (11 kg) holds the lamp head stable and safe in different positions.
  • The Light Attendant can stop any session with the mouse or directly on the laptop immediately, if the impression arises that a person does not feel well or has questions.
  • The Light Attendant never forces or persuades anyone to a hypnagogic light experience.
  • The Light Attendant cares that the client is well.
  • The developers (D. Proeckl & E. Winkler) have the scientific background, the necessary experience and care. This knowledge we pass on to the Light Attendants in the training sessions. For example, children do not use the meditation lamp because of the stroboscopic effect.
  • All Light Attendants are carefully trained in this area.
  • The certificates of the Light Attendants testify to the customers that they can confidently engage in the adventure hypnagogic light experience, because they are carefully accompanied.
  • Note: The use of blue light is less healthy because it irritates the melanopsin and this indicates to the body to react as morning is dawning. Indigestion and more might be the result. Lucia N°03 uses not only white LEDs (with entire color spectrum), but also the pleasant warm light of the halogen lamp.
  • The comforting warm light of the halogen lamp cannot really be imitated by LEDs even some may say so.
  • No one can endure long flickering light. Therefore Lucia N°03 switches between activating light and soft warm halogen light or combines it in different parameters.
  • Light Attendants are carefully trained to inform customers about possible risks.
  • Light Attendants are trained to stay with the clients during a session.
  • Immediate stopping during a session is possible: Press the left mouse button (recommended, see operating instructions) or moderate blow against the lamp head (recommended only in extreme emergency).

  • Lucia N°03 is for professionals who care about their image and want to offer their customers quality and value harmonious design.
  • The outstanding image is based on the long-lasting and reliable quality of the Lucia N°03 meditation lamp. Long-term partnerships and service characterize the team Lucia N°03. The undisputed uniqueness of the meditation lamp as well as the philosophy contribute to this.
  • Lucia N°09 leaves no other option open for commercial use.
  • But even private people appreciate Lucia N°03 and do not want to miss the meditation lamp anymore.

  • Lucia N°03 is scientifically tested, independent studies are available.
  • There are ongoing experiments and studies of famous universities in the works.
  • Results are published on our website.

 Long product life cycle 
  • For Lucia N°03, the producer Inel in Kufstein uses material of the highest quality. Experts e.g. in metalworking confirm regularly the excellent workmanship as well as the sophisticated functionality. Only experts can deliver such quality.
  • In addition, the individual parts are manufactured and assembled individually in Kufstein and the surrounding area. Serial parts such as e.g. used for boards, however, come from the industry, because a different procurement is neither possible nor would be useful.
  • The Lucia N°03 meditation lamp is handmade and carefully assembled in small series.
  • Lucia N°03 goes through several stages of quality control before the meditation lamp is sent well packaged to Light Attendants.
  • The result is a device that gives many years of pleasure.
  • Our aim is to generate a product life cycle of that long as possible. Predetermined breaking points contradict our philosophy of careful handling of resources.
  • The first five pieces of Lucia N°03 were completed on 09.09.2009. They traveled as demonstration devices many countries and are still in constant use. They still work perfectly.

Low operating costs 
  • Software updates are usually free.
  • The operation only requires some low-voltage current.
  • Only the halogen bulb is renewed or a laptop after years.
  • There are no follow-up costs as it would be the case e.g. for copiers, coffee machines or similar.

 ROI (Return on Investment) 
  • Break Even Point is possible from 12 months of operation:
    Depending on the business plan and area of application, the breakeven point can realistically be reached as early as one year. It is the skill of the entrepreneur, to use the device profitably and to promote it accordingly. We support you by providing layouts, photos or texts free of charge.

Gentle and relaxing hypnagogic light experience 
What makes the hypnagogic light experience with Lucia N°03 so unique?

  • The Light Attendant or an experienced customer can simply dim the brightness during a session with the mouse wheel. If someone prefers less flickering light, but likes the soft halogen, then one can set that on the laptop beforehand.
  • Only Lucia N°03 provides a soft and caressing light feeling through the combination of LEDs and the halogen bulb.
  • You can freeze a session at any point (= stay where it is right now) and stay there to continue later.
  • When lingering in the moment of light, you can experiment by rolling your closed eyes to the right or left or by winking or moving your head in different directions. Amazing perceptions arise, although technically no change takes place.
  • Especially is the combination of "Freeze" & "Dimm" functions. That has only Lucia N°03 and is recommended for experienced light travelers. This unique dual function leads to unexpected experiences, to ever new adventures. This is pretty easy to control by a special mouse function. We do recommend to try this.

Lucia N°03 laptop - comfortable handling 
  • Quickly and easily choose the session you prefer.
  • Short cuts to start sessions with just one click
  • Creating new individual sessions is possible with different tools.
  • You can create an individual area for each customer ("client functionality").
  • Easy backup with Lucia N°03 data stick.
  • Individual music can be stored on the laptop and easily retrieved. We recommend that you use a noise-protected headset to fully enjoy the light.
  • Passwords can be used if required.
  • Only the Lucia N°03 software is installed on the laptop for trouble-free operation of the meditation lamp.
  • Immediately anyone can create new sessions - directly and comfortably on the Lucia N°03 laptop in three different ways - no password, no login online - just start.

  • The well thought-out lamp stand:
    suitable for people in a sitting or lying position, safe, hand-made in Austria with perfect material and workmanship, in a modern design.
  • Each LED and halogen light source can be controlled separately.

  • More than 100 sessions are delivered.
  • They are composed by Dr. Engelbert Winkler (clinical psychotherapist) and Dr. Dirk Proeckl (neurologist, psychotherapist) according to their research results, especially in the field of near-death experiences.
  • They have a formula similar to Coca Cola has a formula that makes it so successful.
  • New sessions can be done with some practice and in different ways: depending on your needs and mood, you can create endless sessions by choosing different parameters. These can be shared in the Lucia N°03 Academy with other Light Attendants.
  • Creating real-time sessions is fun to learn quickly. This allows a Light Attendant to respond individually to the well-being of a client.

 Lucia N°03 Academy 
  • This is an online platform for Light Attendants only. Here the latest software updates, sessions, manuals and important information are available free of charge. It is a protected area where they can exchange experiences.

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